Marvel Harris (1995)
I was born and raised in the Netherlands and successfully graduated as a photographer at the University of Applied Photography. 
I started photography with self-portraits, to capture my own emotions which I found hard to deal with and difficult to talk about. 
Photography is therapeutic to me; with my camera I want to make the lifelong journey of self-discovery visible.

When I grab my camera to take self-portraits, it’s mostly when I don’t know how to deal with feelings such as anxiety, emptiness, loneliness or being desperate about the future. After capturing emotions like that and after editing the picture in Lightroom, I can look at myself from a distance and stop my negative thoughts from spiraling out of control; self-portraiture helps me to feel able to breathe again after an episode like that. As you can see, photography is therapeutic to me and I think that’s why my self-portraits are as honest and raw as they are.
© Marvel Harris

© Marvel Harris